Brad Finkeldei wasn't always known as "The Rubber Chicken Guy." Learn how to overcome fears and break free of the cubicle in this week's awesome episode.

PPP063: Conquering Fear with Brad Finkeldei

Brad Finkeldei wasn’t always known as “The Rubber Chicken Guy,” but he has taken on this goofy nickname as part of his goal to help others overcome fears that are holding them back from success in personal finance, work, relationships, and life in general. Find how how he got his nickname and how he transformed his life from cubicle dweller to paid speaker in this week’s episode.

What We’re Chatting About This Week

This week kicks off with a discussion on the fears I have in my life as a freelancer. While I have seen great success since leaving my job, I always have a lingering worry that I could lose a key client or two and my entire business will come apart at the seams. With a baby girl, a second on the way, a wife, two dogs, and a mortgage payment relying on me, I can’t get lazy or stop the hustle.

Brad and I teamed up last year to launch One Day Business Websites, a join venture where we helped entrepreneurs and small businesses create websites. We made a few grand from the experiment and built a great friendship, which is clear to listeners of this episode.

Then we get into the interview, where Brad shares the story of a day when he came home expecting a package waiting for him, but instead found an empty porch. Having just passed someone leaving the area with a package matching the description of what he was expecting, he confronted the likely package thief. What happens next is both surprising and wonderful. I won’t spoil it here, but this is a story you don’t want to miss.

Later, we chat about Brad’s path from his gray cubicle to self-employment. He has experienced some ups and downs searching for a place where his passions and ability to earn align, and that appears to Brad to be public speaking. Lucky for him, he was able to tap into his network and land a paid speaking gig which includes acting as MC for the entire event in Las Vegas. Did I mention he has never been a paid speaker or MC in the past? Well, he hasn’t, but that didn’t hold him back from getting paid today. Remember, every expert and professional started with their first dollar, myself included!

This Week’s Sponsor

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This Week’s Guest

Brad Finkeldei is a serial entrepreneur. After leaving a career in corporate IT, he has explored several paths to earn both online and offline, always focusing on self-employed ventures over traditional employment. He is now a paid speaker with his first event coming up soon. He shares his stories as “The Rubber Chicken Guy,” bringing smiles and inspiration to every crowd and individual he meets.

Brad Finkeldei went from buying his confidence with a big corporate paycheck to now inspiring entrepreneurs to face their own fears.  He wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t met a man in his journey that reminded him he could be powerful in this world.  That man, Rafael, left Brad with a tiny rubber chicken to remind him to step into his fears and believe in himself. To stop being a chicken!

A year after Brad met him, Rafael was killed in a terrorist attack and Brad decided to carry on his message to pay it forward and continue the message of making a difference for others.

Brad’s dedicated his life to empowering entrepreneurs to step into their fears and make a difference in the world. He reminds entrepreneurs it’s not about making money but the person you become in the journey to make the difference you’re out to make.

He shares his powerful and authentic entrepreneurial story from the stage of how a confrontational moment changed into a moment of compassion that now has him empowered to inspire 10,000+ souls.

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Brad Finkeldei wasn't always known as "The Rubber Chicken Guy." Learn how to overcome fears and break free of the cubicle in this week's awesome episode.

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