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Disputing Credit Report Information

I just got off the phone with Experian.  I just checked my annual credit report from Experian and found two things that are not accurate.  Here is a rundown on the items and the process to remove the items.

The first problem I found was in my address.  This is not my real address, but here is what I found.  Say I live at 2345 Washington Street.  The report said 2340 Washington Street.  That is an easy fix.  I went through the automated system, which asked for my credit report number and the last four digits of my social.  I worked through the easy automated menu and told them which address is wrong.  The system said that Experian would contact the bank that made the error and remove the item within 30 days.  That does not impact my score, but it is wrong.

The second issue is a bit more complicated.  I opened a line of credit at one of my banks, and they opened two of my accounts.  I did not authorize two accounts, so two accounts should not be on my credit report.  It looks bad to open and close accounts quickly from the bank perspective.  I approached the bank about it and they were very apologetic and closed the account.  The person that helped me said the bank can’t take it off my credit report, but I should be able to get it off if I dispute it with the credit agency, so I did.

To fix that there was no menu option to correct it.  I had to talk to a real live person.  The wait was long, but the real live person was polite and helpful.  I explained the situation and gave her my e-mail.  Experian will contact the bank and fix the problem within 60 days.  They will e-mail when it is done.

Overall it was a fairly painless procedure.  I spent about 20 minutes on the phone all together but was working while on hold.  Kudos to Experian for their customer service level.  If you don’t know what is on your credit report, it is probably a good time to look.

I am, as always, happy to answer questions in the comments.

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