Award Wallet is Mint for Non-Financial Tracking

I always wished that would add something to track my frequent flyer mile accounts, hotel point accounts, and so on.  Fortunately, someone came up with a way to do it.

Award Wallet lets you input your airline, hotel, and many other online accounts for automatic updating.  You also get a weekly e-mail with updates to your accounts if you choose.  I really like the warning that tells you if your points will be expiring in the near future.

The site is not perfect.  There are some missing accounts and I have a few that will not update correctly, such as Southwest Airlines.  However, it is a great step forward and it looks like they are adding new accounts regularly.

I have been using the site for about a month, and I suggest it to anyone who likes financial aggregation sites.

2 thoughts on “Award Wallet is Mint for Non-Financial Tracking”

  1. Award Wallet is my favorite travel site. I can click into any of my travel programs from their website without having to remember my username and password. When a client adds a reservation to any of my programs, Award Wallet notifies me via email, usually before my client has notified me. It also keeps track on expiring miles as well as mileage balances automatically.

    1. Eric - Narrow Bridge

      Glad you like it Steve. I love the log in feature and expiration notices too. The only downside is that blocks them.

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