Saving for Retirement

Can I Really Afford to Save For Retirement?

My wife and I were having a conversation the other day about saving for retirement and what regrets, if any, that I had. I had accumulated a fair share of debt early in life and when I finally decided it was time to repay that debt I ignored saving or investing. Sure, I had a … Read more

Why Wait? Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Now!

Believe it or not, we’re living in the waning moments of 2013. Whether we like it or not, the new year is nearly upon us. In light of that, I can pretty much guarantee you that in a few weeks you will start to hear many around you talk about their New Year’s Resolutions and … Read more

Saving Money

Saving Money: Summer Checkup

If this year has been going as fast for you as it has me, then you’re amazed that it is now mid-July. I look back at how six months have passed us by and how half of the year is remaining. Whether or not you believe in, or have New Year’s Resolutions, I still believe … Read more

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