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Manilla Alternatives – Free Replacement Digital File Cabinets

My favorite online filing cabinet Manilla is officially closing its doors, so it is time for us to find other options for our online money tracking needs. Here are a few other great options that you can use to fill the gap.


If your favorite reason for using Manilla was the automatic downloading of bank statements, rest easy. There is another product that does just that.

FileThis is a free tool that helps you automatically download your statements just like Manilla, but there are some other features that I found that actually make it even better.

The FileThis app allows you to save your statements to their secure cloud, just like Manilla, but also gives you the option to save your files to your own computer or online storage service like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

The free version refreshes statements weekly for up to six linked banks, which is plenty for most people. For $2 per month, you can add up to 12 linked financial institutions, and for $5 per month you can get daily refreshes for up to 30 different banks.

If you sign up through this link, you get one bonus connection for free: FileThis.


Finovera is another alternative that brings your statements to one place online. If you are looking for some finance tracking in addition to the digital file cabinet, finovera will work for you.

The online tools give you financial snapshots and other useful information in addition to just downloading your statements. This is probably the closest tool to what Manilla was offering, but for me, who uses Empower to track my money and Dropbox for my files, FileThis will work better for me.

You can sign up for finovera for free to try it out.


People who know me and have been reading this site for a while know that I love to keep everything easy to access in one place. That is why I suggested pairing Manilla with another site that does the financial analysis for you.

My favorite site for online analysis is Empower. Within minutes of signing up and adding my investment and retirement accounts, I had solid advice that helped me save over $300 per year in investment fees. That is real money back in my pocket.

You can sign up for Empower for free, and I hope you do, to see how much you can save with their free investment analysis and portfolio checkup tools.

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