LastPass Credit Monitoring

I have written about LastPass a few times before. LastPass is a password protection tool that you can use to secure your online life. They recently added a new free credit monitor feature that you can use to make sure you know about any unwanted surprises on your credit report.

How It Works

If you already have a LastPass account, signing up is easy and only takes a minute. The tool uses your LastPass profile which you can use to fill forms online with one click.

Based on that profile, LastPass will monitor your credit report for any new activity. If you open a new account or have a new derogatory mark on your credit report, you will get an email from LastPass warning you about the change.

Why This Is Important

If you open a new account, you can expect the email to show up. However, if you don’t open a new account and get the email, it means someone opened an account in your name. (Read: Identity Theft) Quickly knowing about and responding to identity theft can save you time, money, and headache down the road as you can deal with the problem up front and before it becomes a bigger problem.

If you find out about credit fraud when you go apply for a new mortgage loan, you might miss out on the opportunity to buy a home until the issue is resolved. The same goes for auto loans, credit cards, and any other situation that uses your credit report.

You Need LastPass Anyway

As I have written before, LastPass is my go-to service for secure passwords. I have a unique, 16 digit, alpha-numeric, completely randomized password for almost every single website. If one site gets hacked, which happens all the time, I don’t have to worry.

It is important to have safe and secure passwords that are unique and not easily guessed or hacked. LastPass takes care of the password generation and storage for me. I have a strong key that I use to access my LastPass vault, which automatically fills in my passwords on browsers I use when logged in.

Sign Up Today

I don’t get anything for promoting LastPass. I just think it is a great tool and I use it every single day. It helps me sleep at night in a dangerous digital world. Head over and secure your passwords today. Once you have an account and import you passwords from your browser, you can even do a security check to see how well you are doing. I bet you will be surpised.

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