Keep a Thin Wallet: Convert 8 Cards into One With Coin

On Friday, I pre-ordered a Coin. Coin is a new, high tech card that helps on the quest to have an organized wallet and a minimalist wallet.


Coin is a new card that can take the place of up to eight cards in your wallet. Those can be credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, or any other card with a barcode. As long as it doesn’t require an EMV security chip, it works with Coin.

Don’t quite get it? Here’s a video that explains everything for you.

I Got a Coin

Coin is planned to start shipping over the summer for $100 each, but if you buy one now it is only $50. I got mine, and want to share the savings with all of you.

If you buy one through my link, I get $5 off, so if you are going to, I would appreciate the love.

Your Favorite Skinny Wallet Tips?

What are your best tips to keep a thin wallet? Please share your best tips in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Keep a Thin Wallet: Convert 8 Cards into One With Coin”

  1. Interesting technology! What about Costco-Amex Card where it has my picture in it? Can the coin replace that card? I doubt it though.

  2. That is pretty neat, I only have one card that I use regularly, the other gather dust in the closet for an emergency, so my wallet is pretty skinny. I keep small bills though because no one has change around here and they take hours going to the next shop to break a big bill.

    1. I hardly ever use cash anymore. The last time I had trouble getting change was in Germany. I was stuck in an airport without any way to get a train ticket or break my 20 Euro note. It was super frustrating.

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