Home Mortgage Down Payments & Early Retirement with Chris Reining

PPP060: Home Mortgage Down Payments & Early Retirement with Chris Reining

Today we talk mortgages and early retirement on the Personal Profitability Podcast. The episode kicks off with a discussion of down payments and mortgage approval before we jump into a conversation with Chris Reining, someone who was so successful with personal finance, mortgages, and investing that he was able to retire at 37 years old. Listen in as this community member shares his story of cutting major expenses and saving big so he could quit at such a young age.

What We’re Chatting About This Week

I just moved into a brand new house, well new to me, at the end of June. Buying a house in Southern California is not easy. Thanks to high housing costs, breaking into the market here may seem impossible. But thanks to a massive down payment, I was able to move into a home that I may not have been able to afford with just 20% down. Remember your 20% down payment is a guideline, not a maximum!

Then we jump into the conversation with Chris Reining, who became financially independent at 35. We discuss simple savings ideas ranging from cutting back on small expenses on a regular basis to big wins like ending a $150 per hour hobby. Through smart savings and budgeting, it is possible to reach financial independence well before you turn 65. You don’t want to miss the actionable tips that can help you get your finances under control and on track for early retirement.

This Week’s Sponsor

This week’s show is brought to you sponsor free, as has every episode of the podcast so far. However (there’s always a however), I am looking to bring on new support with this great new format. If you are interested in partnering with the Personal Profitability Podcast to spread the word about your business, brand, or product, send me a note today through the contact form.

This Week’s Guest

Chris Reining became financially independent at 35 and left his job at 37. He shares his story at his own blog along with tips and tricks to master your money. Chris focuses on saving more, earning more, investing well, and becoming financially independent. Not all that different from our focus here at Personal Profitability! Thanks to his own personal experiences, he offers a wealth of knowledge in all things related to personal finance.

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PPP060: Home Mortgage Down Payments & Early Retirement with Chris Reining
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