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PPP045: I’m Thomas Smyth and I Founded Trim

One of the worst personal finance fails is being charged a fee for a service you don’t use. Even though we don’t want to pay for that type of service, millions of us are charged by all sorts of services without thinking twice. That is why Thomas Smyth founded Trim. A service that helps you find and cancel subscription based services. In this episode, Thomas joins us to share his story and how people like you are saving millions of dollars with Trim.

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Thomas Smyth- Founder of Trim, an app that saves you money automatically- PersonalProfitability.com
PPP045: I\'m Thomas Smyth and I Founded Trim

2 thoughts on “PPP045: I’m Thomas Smyth and I Founded Trim”

  1. I’ve been using Trim for about a year. I recommend it to friends as a way to keep track of your transactions and to catch fraudulent activity. This app and Penny are great for helping me keep up with day-to-day postings in my accounts.

    1. I used Mint to track my day-to-day for years, but agree that apps like Trim and Penny have come in and helped fill a need for something to track day-to-day transactions with a quick glance. Trim has not helped me cut any recurring bills yet (I’m pretty on top of those things as a finance nerd), but it has an opportunity to be incredibly helpful for less engaged people to track their transactions in a few moments.

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