In this episode with Martin Dasko, we discuss how public speaking can help your business! Learn how public speaking brings value & profit to your business!

PPP117: 7 Ways Public Speaking Helps Your Business

This is the last of four podcasts in our month-long series with our good friend Martin Dasko! Recently, we co-hosted the Ignite event at the Podcast Movement in Philadelphia which was a ton of fun. Be sure to check out the Ignite website (linked below) for videos from the recent event. Now, onto the fun stuff for this week’s podcast!

What We’re Chatting About This Week

We are getting profitable this week by talking about public speaking! You might be wondering why public speaking is beneficial for your business. Well, Martin and I are here to tell you exactly why! Tune in to the podcast as we discuss 7 ways public speaking helps your business:

Find New Fans in Person

Building online relationships are great, but speaking face to face can be so much more powerful. People will remember you even months later, and that long-term impact is really cool.

Improve Presentation Skills

When you get on stage and present yourself as an expert in your field, you can really build that confidence and trust. This is great practice if you ever need to pitch your business to an investor! Don’t be afraid to sell yourself!

Get Paid!

Yes, you can get paid for public speaking, which is kind of important!

Sell Your Book

If you’re not getting paid to speak, think of it as free publicity to promote your book or other product.

Repurpose Content for Online Use

Everytime you speak, consider recording your speech. This is super useful for uploading onto YouTube, your blog, etc.

Evangelize a New Concept

Teaching a new concept may not bring money in, but you can really connect to people by giving them real, useful knowledge (instead of B.S. fluff that won’t help them). They will remember you in the future!

Grow Your Network

You never know if you may find a new client or get new business when you do public speaking. People will take you more seriously if you get up there and speak!

This Week’s Guest

I’m Martin Dasko, the Adventure Ambassador and creator of Studenomics. I’m a long-haired brute in his 30s who fell in love with personal finance as a teenager. I’ve been helping readers like you pay off debt, plan trips, save money, start freelancing, and figure out life, since 2008. I don’t plan on stopping. The beauty of Studenomics is that you can choose your own adventure.

Studenomics is all about financial freedom in your 20s without missing a party!

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PPP117: 7 Ways Public Speaking Helps Your Business
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