In this week's podcast, we're talking about starting a side hustle with Martin Dasko. If you're new to side hustling, don't miss our top 5 side hustle tips!

PPP116: 5 Tips for Brand New Side Hustlers

Ever thought about starting your own side hustle? We’re back with Martin Dasko this week, and you won’t want to miss our chat if you’re brand new to side hustling. Whether you want to make a little extra money on the side, or if you dream of taking a new side hustle full-time, you’ll want to hear our top tips!

What We’re Chatting About This Week

In episode 116, we are chatting about starting a side hustle! A common misconception is that side hustling can make you a ton of money fast with little work. Martin and I are both veteran side hustlers, and we are going to dispel some of those myths on today’s podcast. We’ll also give you some practical tips that come from experience.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 tips for brand new side hustlers!

You Only Need 3 Things

All you need is a product or service, a customer who is willing to pay, and a way to deliver. Even a simple idea will do, don’t feel like you need to invent something brand new. For example, Martin’s previous lawnmowing business!

Pick Something You Already Know

You can learn a new skill, but you likely need to invest time and/or money in order to make that skill marketable. Instead, pick something you already know so you can start right away!

It Can Be Online or Offline

You can start by marketing yourself on a freelance work site like Fiverr. Keep in mind, an online business is not the only way! If your skills don’t involve the computer or technology, that’s okay! Focus on what you are good at, even if it’s offline.

You’ll Need to Hustle

Don’t sit around waiting for the money to come in. You might have a great idea, but no one will care if you don’t act on it!

It Takes Time to Build a Business That Provides Passive Income

Work hard now, take it easy later! Chasing a passive income requires a lot of work up front, and there are no shortcuts. Don’t believe any false claims that you can get rich quick!

This Week’s Guest

I’m Martin Dasko, the Adventure Ambassador and creator of Studenomics. I’m a long-haired brute in his 30s who fell in love with personal finance as a teenager. I’ve been helping readers like you pay off debt, plan trips, save money, start freelancing, and figure out life, since 2008. I don’t plan on stopping. The beauty of Studenomics is that you can choose your own adventure.

Studenomics is all about financial freedom in your 20s without missing a party!

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PPP116: 5 Tips for Brand New Side Hustlers
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