Changes are coming to the Personal Profitability podcast! In this episode, we get back to basics with Whitney Hansen and the 5 core skills you need to conquer your money -

PPP109: 5 Core Skills to Conquer Your Money

Welcome to episode 109, 5 Core Skills to Conquer Your Money! Does this look like a different title to you? Are you confused about who the guest is this week? Changes are coming to the Personal Profitability Podcast, but I promise they’re great changes! Don’t worry, I will still be featuring all of your favorite content on personal finance and entrepreneurship, but now I’m going to be taking a deeper dive. Curious? Read on!

What We’re Chatting About This Week

Welcome to episode 109 – and welcome to our new format! About a year ago this week, I updated the podcast to a new format, what you’ve been seeing for the last year. I release a new episode every week, and all episodes are about 25 minutes a week. Now, I’ll be heading in a slightly different direction for the time being.

Over the last year, almost every podcast has featured a personal finance or entrepreneurship expert. Don’t worry – I am not changing that focus! What is changing is how I feature guests: now, I’ll have one guest for four episodes – 1 guest a month!

Every single one of these people will have finance or entrepreneurship expertise. In this episode, we are getting back to basics with Whitney Hansen! Whitney has been a guest on the show before, and I’ve been a guest on her show (The Money Nerds) plus we have our own podcast together, Oh No We Didn’t!

In this episode, Whitney and I will be chatting all about personal profitability. It’s a really fun episode and I think you’re going to get a lot out of our chat!

This Month’s Guest

Whitney Hansen is a personal finance coach and entrepreneur. She teaches overwhelmed millennials how to pay off debt and be financially independent by giving them the tools to have more fun with money and sprinkling in a little silliness. Some of Whitney’s accomplishments are paying off $30,000 in 10 months, buying her first home at 19, and paying $472 for her master’s degree.

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PPP109: 5 Core Skills to Conquer Your Money

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