The Personal Finance Arsenal

The Personal Finance Arsenal is an eBook that gives you an in depth guide to making your financial life easier. Why waste money on fees? Why waste time on banking? Why deal with the headache of overdrafts? In the Personal Finance Arsenal, you learn the tricks and tools that I have used to save myself thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars. Readers have saved thousands on fees and interest because of the tools here. Version 2.0 just released. Now updated with new tricks and tools to save you time and money.

Learn more at the Personal Finance Arsenal or get the Kindle version at Amazon. Print version just released!

How to Start a Small Business

At some point, almost everyone has an idea for a business. It is easy to get caught up in all of the complicated reasons to avoid it, so I decided to cut through the confusion and give a basic guide to starting a small business. Based on my successful small business post series, this re-packaged and free eBook gives you a quick guide to starting a small business. I have started three businesses myself, and this book outlines what I learned in the process.

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Inbox Clutter Week: 5 Days to a Zero Inbox

Now a free email course. Sign up for 5 days of email management tips right to your inbox.

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