You “day job” and career is the core of your income, and it is important to work hard to make as much as possible for the work you do.

Building My New Online Personal Brand

Building My New Online Personal Brand

If you do anything long enough, you’ll eventually reach a point where someone asks you, “if you could start over today knowing everything you know now, what would you do differently?” If I were going back in time, I may have started my online business at It certainly wouldn’t have been, which is … Read more

December 2016 Income Report

December 2016 Earnings and Investments Update

After my record setting $10,000+ income in October, I was hoping to keep things steady for November. Some of that October income was one time, and I figured with that fading away I would see a slight drop the next month. Boy was I wrong. Read on to see how I did in November, where … Read more

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