Book Review: “The Skinny On” Series

This week, I read two books from the “Skinny On” series by Jim Randel.  “The Skinny On Credit Cards” and “The Skinny On Networking” were quick, enjoyable books with an interesting twist compared to the average finance and how-to books you will read today.

As Randel explains early on in “The Skinny on Credit Cards,” the books are written in the form of Japanese “Manga,” or graphic novels.  The book is essentially a giant, educational comic book.  It is full of useful information and facts that can help you learn how credit cards work.  However, they are full of stick figures, diagrams, and jokes that make the content less dull.

Both books give a great overview of the topics.  While I appreciated the focus of the credit card book over the more general book on networking, both have something to teach you.  I was able to get through the entire credit card book in four train rides (about two hours).

I recommend this series to people who are sick of the “for dummies” books out there today.  If you know nothing about credit, you can become very knowledgeable in two hours.  I am sure the same holds true to the entire series.

If you are already an expert on a topic and you want a more detailed view, this is probably not the best way for you to get more detail.  If you are an expert looking to teach about a topic, this could be a good guide, however, for what people need to know.

The Skinny On books are available at all major bookstores and online.  You can learn more at the official website of The Skinny On.

[Disclaimer: I was given free review copies of multiple Skinny On books]

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