Author name: Melissa Batai

Melissa Batai is the founder of Mom's Plans. She is the mom to three children and the wife to a husband who is (hopefully!) finishing his dissertation and graduating with his Ph.D. this year. She also documents her family's attempts to spend less than $100 a month eating out at Dining Out Challenge.

Eating to Green Savings

This post is by Melissa at Mom’s Plans and is part of a Yakezie blog swap based on the topic, “What is your best go green method to save money?” You can read my post on the same topic at Melissa’s blog.

Daily Money Saving Tip

I am on an unpaid leave of absence due to the birth of my daughter last spring. I was given a very generous leave of absence (14 months!). I am using this as a trial run to see if we can live without my salary so that I may stay home when my kids are little. As a result, I have to question every single purchase every day.

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