All Insurance is Not Created Equal

If you are in the market for insurance, you know that it is a jungle out there. You have a huge list of options for auto, home owner, renter, personal property, health, life, and, if you are a famous entertainer, body part insurance.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have a whole different list of needs. You need to understand a whole different side of the insurance world. You need to protect your business, employees, and yourself from accidents and lawsuits.


Indemnity insurance protects you from any major “oops” that can happen when you run a company. Negligence, accidental contract breaches such as confidentiality, copyright, defamation, or libel, loss of data, and loss of goods are covered by this type of policy.


If your employee goes onto a customer’s property and breaks it, you have to pay for it. That is where liability comes into play. Injuries to third parties and damage to third party property are both covered by a liability policy. Liability also covers you if your product or service injures someone.

Property Insurance

Your company most likely has a physical office, factory, or warehouse. Property insurance covers that location against damage caused by a wide variety of possibilities including weather, fire, earthquakes, and other unexpected events. These policies generally cover the contents of the location, such as computer equipment and manufacturing equipment.

Business Interruption Insurance

If you are struck by a tornado, your office and equipment are covered by property insurance. However, the revenues you lose by now being able to operate are not covered. Insurance policies are available that cover you in case your business has to temporarily cease operations. Your livelihood and your employees’ livelihoods depend on your business operating. Make sure you are covered by a good policy just in case.

Where to Get It?

Shop around for your insurance when you are finding a new policy. Price differences and service levels can vary dramatically between companies. Companies have a wide variety of policy options to protect your business from disaster.

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