Finance Magazines I Like

While I like to read the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, I do not have time to read them regularly. However, I have the entrepreneur bug, so I do like to keep up in that too. I have time for a magazine or two every month, and there are two money related magazines that I subscribe to and read regularly.
The first is Fast Company. I picked up my first Fast Company issue for a management class a few years back. I enjoyed it and found it to be well written and interesting. I picked up another one when I long layover in an airport. I picked up another a few months later when I was flying to somewhere or other. I liked it so much at that point I subscribed.

Fast Company focuses on technology, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible companies. I am interested in all of those, and Fast Company has great articles that keep me interested. I am so much of a blog generation skimmer that any magazine that can keep me interested must be doing something right.

I also subscribe to Inc. magazine. Inc is from the same publisher as Fast Company, which is why I discovered it. Inc has almost grown on me more than Fast Company as I have become more familiar with the monthly features. Inc is focused on entrepreneurial and growth companies and gives tips and tricks for what to do with your next big idea.

I get both for $15 a year. For the entertainment value alone they are worth it. But, unlike a fiction novel or movie, they contribute something to my knowledge of business and money. If you are ever on a flight or take a train every day, pick one up. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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