In this episode of the Personal Profitability Podcast, I talk to Jason Steele about credit cards, travel hacking and more.

Episode 89: Jason Steele on Credit Cards, Travel Hacking & More

Jason Steele is one of the most prolific credit card journalists in the world, and hosts an annual credit card conference alongside the annual FinCon event. Today we talk about credit cards, maximizing your returns, and getting free and cheap travel with smart credit card use.

What We’re Chatting About This Week

Hey everyone, can you believe we’re almost at the 100th episode mark? I should do something special… what do you think?

In this episode, I interview my long-lost brother… just kidding, but close enough! We both have two daughters, we’re both private pilots, we’re both Jewish, and we both make our livings as full-time freelance bloggers!

This episode was really fun to record, not only because we’re so similar, but also because Jason is an expert on credit cards and travel hacking. Jason actually helped my then-girlfriend (now wife) and me get round-trip tickets to Israel for $150, per person. He’s good! We’ll cover travel hacking and so much more in this episode – take a listen!

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This Week’s Guests

Jason Steele is a journalist who specializes in covering credit cards, award travel, and other areas of personal finance. As one of the nation’s leading experts in the credit card industry, Jason’s work has been featured at mainstream outlets such as Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, and Business Insider.

Jason’s also well known within the community of travel rewards enthusiasts as the Senior Points and Miles Contributor for The Points Guy and other outlets on the subjects of airline rewards and family travel.

Finally, Jason is the founder of CardCon, The Conference for Credit and Credit Card Media.

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