This week is a throwback to our very first episode! We're talking about the core values of Personal Profitability and how to live better through your money.

PPP119: The Pillars of Personal Profitability

Hey everyone, we’re back again with a podcast after taking last week off to celebrate Rosh Hashanah! Also, Yom Kippur is this week, which is a major Jewish holiday. It’s the time of year to reflect on what happened in the past year, and think of ways to make the new year the best one yet! Speaking of that, we are doing something special this week. Today is going to be a throwback to our very first episode of the Personal Profitability Podcast! Let us reflect upon this digitally remastered version of Episode 1…enjoy!

What We’re Chatting About This Week

In this first episode of the Personal Profitability Podcast, I give you an intro to the core tenets of Personal Profitability: Spend Mindfully, Earn More, Grow Your Wealth, and Living Better. These four pillars have guided me throughout my journey with this blog and podcast, so they are near and dear to my heart.

Spending Mindfully

Focus on what you really value when you spend your hard earned money. Why waste on cable or coffee if you are not a TV fan or you can get free coffee at work? You can save enough for a plane ticket to Europe each year by cutting cable.

Earn More

Earning more on the side can cover your beer tab, your rent, and eventually may lead to a full time income. I try to make at least $2,500 per month on the side every month.

Grow Your Wealth

Neglecting investments and putting your assets to work for you will cost you big in the long-run. Wealthy people know how to leverage their cash flow and savings to become even wealthier in the future.

Living Better

Your money should help you live a better life, not restrict you. Take control and live your dreams through thoughtful personal finance management.

And those are the four core tenets of Personal Profitability!

Personal Profitability is about making things you want in life attainable and affordable. Waiting until you retire to enjoy life shouldn’t be the norm. I try to live a rich, full life everyday and it’s my goal to help us all do that together. Because that’s what the Personal Profitability Project is all about- helping you take those steps to have a better life and financial freedom!

So thanks for taking this journey with me back to the first episode. Can you believe Personal Profitability turns 10 years old next month!? It’s mind blowing how far we’ve come since then. Stay tuned to see what the future has in store for Personal Profitability…it’s going to be exciting!

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PPP119: The Pillars of Personal Profitability
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