Cloudy city tax forms

How to Fill Out Your Tax Forms on Your First Day of Work

I remember every first day of work I’ve ever had. That feeling of nervousness and excitement. Knowing that I have a great opportunity in front of me and an opportunity to prove myself for future promotions and career growth. New passwords and logins. Meeting new people. And, oh yeah, paperwork.

Should You Pay Someone to Do Your Taxes?

It’s that dreaded time of the year, tax time. Only a select few individuals actually like doing their taxes because of the potential headache it can be. The tax code is thousands of pages long, so how can it be easy to fully understand what to do? Thankfully, there are a options that make it less of a nightmare for most of us to file our taxes.

Occupying America

While they are not in all the headlines anymore, the Occupy movement is still going strong around the country. From Occupy Wall Street in New York to Occupy Denver in my neighborhood, the movement has gained media attention and thousands of supporters, but what are they really doing and what are they all about?

Buffet and the Great Tax Debate

It is no secret to Narrow Bridge readers that I am a fan of Warren Buffet. His investing strategies have helped him grow investments from family and friends in Omaha into the company with the seventh largest revenue in the United States. As the debate moves forward on dealing with United States debt, the second richest American has voiced strong opinions on how to fix the problem.

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