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4 Ways To Invest in Guyana in 2020

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South American investment opportunities have been booming over the past few years, with a large number of industries in many of the continent’s countries gearing up for higher demand and easier access to international trade. A lot of the boom has been fueled by infrastructure development projects in Colombia, which has acted as a hub for imports to many nearby nations. Those infrastructure contracts brought first foreign construction investors and then, later, contractors interested in managing the ports and investing in the many industries that are strong in the region. Now, after a few years of development, nearby countries are feeling an increased demand in many industries, making investment opportunities plentiful. One place with a lot of opportunities for global investors is Guyana, which has seen an uptick in demand for its locally-produced resources and goods, as well as increased tourism. If you’re looking for a place to invest, here are four great ways to put your money to work there.

1. Contact GO-Invest About Opportunities

Guyana has been declared open for business by both private and public sector leaders over the past couple of years, meaning they are actively encouraging investment in-country. To facilitate that, the GO-Invest office has been established and empowered to provide a range of incentives for new investors. From tax opportunities to brokered deals with the government and other industries, there are a lot of ways to learn about new opportunities through this office. They can even help things go more smoothly when you’re investing in a joint venture with local businessmen. Here are a few other things they do:

  • They provide a summary of the necessary steps for investing in businesses in-country
  • The office also helps exporters bring their goods to an international stage
  • Exemptions on customs duties for equipment and other vital business infrastructure for new companies
  • They draft the investor agreement with the government when you’re backing projects in the country

2. Invest in Existing International Ventures

Another way to put your money to work in Guyana is to invest in a business that already operates there. As the gateway between South America and the Caribbean, Guyana is uniquely positioned to participate in both regional communities. That means there are a lot of existing ventures that bring local produce from farms in the country to their island neighbors. There are also food processing ventures and commercial fishing opportunities that operate in multiple countries. One great way to get started with Guyanese markets is to put your money to work in another country where you already have holdings, investing it in an international operation that also operates in Guyana. It’s a good way to get your feet wet in the market without going through the complex steps needed to establish a new venture in a new country. Of course, you’ll need to plan for those steps when you’re ready to move from ventures that also operate in Guyana to investments directly in the Guyanese industry.

3. Establish In-Country Accounts To Operate Locally

It’s easier to put your money to work in a country when you have local funds in a bank and ready to go. That way, no money needs to cross borders when you are ready to put it to work. Establishing a banking presence in Guyana also means having a place to receive dividends without sending them outside the country, so it’s an important step even when you’re not using your banking presence as a way into the market on its own. Institutions like GBTI Bank work hard to provide foreign investors with opportunities and easy access to banking. They facilitate everything from opening local businesses to participation in ForEx trading and other investments for locals and international finance professionals alike. The right bank can be a source of great opportunity when you’re investing in a new region, providing you with a means of discovering new investment opportunities before starting formal negotiations to draft an investor agreement.

4. Invest in Publicly Traded American Companies Coming to Guyana

Did you know there are over 100 companies already in line to bring operations to Guyana? That’s only counting the ones from the United States, too. If you’re looking for the simplest way in to investing in Guyanese opportunities and you don’t have the option of investing in an international operation elsewhere in the region, another option is to start by putting your money into a company that is already negotiating for investment opportunities locally. The best part is that with the right due diligence, you can find just the right industry to suit the rest of your portfolio. There are so many opportunities, American companies in practically every industry niche are gearing up to start working and trading in this busy South American nation.

Advice for New Investors

If you’re new to investing outside your home country, it never hurts to look at multiple paths to opportunity in Guyana. In many cases, a simple investment in an established company serves as a great way to test the waters while you set up your own ventures and negotiate the tax incentives and other operational agreements you need to get started.

This article comes from a Personal Profitability partner.

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