Carnival of Personal Finance #399

Welcome to the 399th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. For those of you who are visiting Narrow Bridge Finance for the first time, welcome! I have been writing on this site for over five years trying to bring the best and most useful information to readers around the world.

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Editors Picks:

People often want to know how professional investors decide which stocks to buy. Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey answers a reader question. How Do You Analyze Individual Stocks? This post takes us through an in depth analysis of MGT Capital Investments, Inc. (AMEX symbol: MGT) and gives a great blueprint for analyzing any stock in the future.

Carrie at PT Money gives us Memorable Gifts: 6 Ways to Give Without Going into Debt. Her great tips focus on great ways to make people important in your life feel special without breaking the bank.

Jon from Novel Investor takes us back to the basics in A Guide To Major Stock Market Indexes. We have all heard of the S&P 500, but this post gets to the root of what it is, why it matters, and several other important indexes to watch.

MyFIJourney from My Journey to Financial Independence has A Primer on Federal Income and Investment Taxes. We are are in the midst of tax season, everyone can use a brush up on income and investment taxes.

Miranda from Financial Highway offers us Ways To Earn More. There are a number of quick ways to make money. There are even ways of making money online and from the comfort of your home. Creativity, planning and hard work can all lead to an increase in income.

Budgeting and Frugality:

Lance from Money Life and More presents How Disability Insurance Helped Us, and says, “You often hear financial professionals talking about how disability insurance is very important. The thing is, you never really realize how important it is until it pays out the first time. That or the first time that you need it and don’t have it. We were in the lucky group because my fiancee was covered by her employer’s disability coverage the first time we needed disability insurance.”

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents A New Car Is Little More Than A Drag On Your Net Worth, and says, “Don’t be fooled by the aroma of that new car smell…it isn’t worth it!”

DPF from Digital Personal Finance presents I’m Cool With “The Joneses” Looking More Successful, and says, “Does it matter to you how others perceive your financial success? I’m beginning to care less and less, and realize that comparing and competing is wasted engergy.”

Ray from Squirrelers presents Paying Cash for a Car, and says, “While taking out a car loan is almost a rite of passage for many people, a better option just might be paying cash instead. This post explores the idea of paying in full, upfront for a car.”

Amy from Money Mishaps presents 8 Ways to Improve Your Truck’s Gas Mileage, and says, “8 great tips for saving on gas with a truck.”

Jack from Money Saving Ethics presents The Difference Between a Monthly and Annual Budget, and says, “Learn the differences between a monthly and yearly budget before you decide which is best for you.”

Daniel from Make Money Make Cents presents Credit Card Tips for 2013 Part 2, and says, “More tips you can use to. keep your credit history healthy.”

Bob from Dwindling Debt presents Want to Save Money in Winter? Turn down the heat!, and says, “How to stay warm and turn down the heat.”

Jay from Daily Fuel Economy Tip presents 5 Winter driving Tips That WIll Save Fuel, and says, “In the middle of winter you can still save on fuel.”

Jack from Money Saving Ethics presents Preparing an Annual Budget, and says, “A yearly budget can give you a long term outlook for the coming year.”

Amanda from My Dollar Plan presents Where to Find Coupons for Your Favorite Products, and says, “It turns out that there are a variety of sources where you can find coupons beyond just your Sunday newspaper…read on for more details!”

Career and Economy:

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents The Top 16 Careers for the Future, and says, “The economy, social trends and technology have a great deal to do with the jobs that are available. Keeping on top of career trends and the areas that offer the most growth is one way to choose the path that will provide the most opportunity and stability. Here are a few of the best career opportunities in industries that are expected to see growth in the next few years. This list may motivate you to spruce up your resume.”

Lenny from Best Money Saving Blog presents Save Money By Running an Eco-Friendly Business, and says, “Learn how to be energy efficient without hurting your business capital.”

Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents How to Talk to Senior Corporate Executives, and says, “Speaking with or presenting your case to senior corporate executives, such as group vice presidents, Presidents, CEOs or CFOs can be very intimidating if you aren’t used to doing so. This type of experience can further your career chances or lead to it’s destruction!”

Gary from presents Best Answers To Interview Questions, and says, “If you are a student graduating this summer, unemployed, or currently employed but looking to make a jump to another company or industry, preparing for an interview is a sure way of making sure you make it to the next round of the process. Here is a list of the most common interview questions you can expect as well as tips and suggestions on how to answer each.”

Danielle from Saving Without A Budget presents Investing In Gold In A Shaky Economy, and says, “Investing in less risky investments.”

Sam from The New Business Blog presents How to Hire the Right Employees, and says, “Information on how to hire the right empolyees for your business.”

Justin from Digit Fox presents Setting Up and Using Group Texts for Your Charitable Organization, and says, “Texting is more popular now than ever and can even help your organization.”

Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents The Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Your Side Business, and says, “Are you investing money into your side gig?”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents The Benefit of Love – How a Mastermind Group Can Help You Reaching the Next Level, and says, “How you can create a mastermind group to see better results together.”

Sam from The New Business Blog presents Some Steps to Consider Now When Your Online Business is Taking Off., and says, “Often, business owners don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

Sam from The New Business Blog presents Some Steps to Consider Now When Your Online Business is Taking Off., and says, “Often, business owners don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

Amy from Money Mishaps presents The New BlackBerry is Finally Here, but is it too Late?, and says, “Will BlackBerry be able to make a come back?”

Justin from My University Money presents How Much Will School Cost … and Is It Even Worth It?, and says, “More Money for Beer and Textbooks helps young people sort through the confusing jumble of misinformation about post-secondary education that exists out there today. At a time when student costs are escalating, and certain educational paths are leading right to barista-hood instead of a defined benefit pension plan, it is more important than ever for students to stay out of debt and make their lives a little easier.”

Investor Junkie from Investor Junkie presents Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage, and says, “Could you really live off the minimum wage? Or is a living wage something different?”

Credit and Debt:

Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents ReadyForZero | Review – Pay Off and Manage Your Debt, and says, “Are you buried in debt and can’t keep track of it all? Take a look at ReadyForZero which can help you manage and pay off your debt. See more in this review.”

Edward Antrobus from Edward Antrobus presents How to Pay Off $50,000 Worth of Debt in a Year, and says, “How do you pay off an extreme amount of debt in a short time? Earn an extreme amount of money. A tongue-in-cheek rant about extreme debt payoff stories.”

Matt from Budget SNOB presents Who Are th Big Three Credit Agencies, and says, “Learn about the top 3 credit reporting agencies in the world.”

Danielle from Saving Without A Budget presents Bankruptcy Tips and Advice, and says, “Certain things you should do or not do when filing for bankruptcy.”

Daniel from Make Money Make Cents presents Credit Card Tips for 2013 Part 1, and says, “The best tips and ideas that you can use to keep your credit history healthy and/or repair it.”

Clint from Accumulating Money presents How to Make Credit Cards Work for You, and says, “Credit cards have certainly gotten a bad rap: They make it easy to get into debt and difficult to get out of it if you don’t manage them properly. However, you can absolutely learn how to make credit cards work for you.”

Investing and Money Management:

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance (THAT’S ME!) presents Why Moving to a Credit Union is Not a Bad Idea, and says, “People often talk about why banks are a bad place to keep your money. They charge lots of fees and have notoriously bad customer service, but there are benefits and drawbacks to both big banks and local credit unions that are important to consider.”

TTMK from Tie the Money Knot presents How Long Does it Take to Double or Triple Your Money?, and says, “Want to know how long it will take to double your money, or even triple it? This post shares a few quick calculations to help you estimate where investments can take you.”

Jay from Daily Fuel Economy Tip presents Investing in Yourself is Important, and says, “If you work hard on your education it will pay off.”

Pat S from compounding returns presents Benjamin Franklin: The Original Personal Finance Blogger, and says, “Was Ben Franklin the original personal finance blogger?”

Hadley from Epic Finances presents Fiscal Cliff Is Avoided Apparently, But Who Cares-My Stock Picks for 2013, and says, “A finance professinals top stock picks.”

Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim presents How To Read Term Life Insurance Quotes, and says, “Insurance companies and agents don’t necessarily try to make a term life insurance quote difficult to understand…but they don’t make it easy to really get the gist of either. For most of us, term life is a far better choice than whole life. But not all term life insurance policies are equal. How can you tell the wheat from the chaff? Well. It’s not hard to distinguish a good from a bad policy – if you know what you are looking for.”

D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents How Much Money Will You Need Before Retiring?, and says, “How much money will you need before retiring? This obviously is very important question, but also a very difficult question to answer. There are many factors and assumptions that go into estimating the income that will be needed in retirement. With so many estimates and assumptions, there is a high probability the estimated number will be incorrect…”

Katie from IRA BASICS presents How to Open a Roth IRA, and says, “Opening a Roth IRA account is pretty simple.”

Jason Price from One Money Design presents Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and Crown Money Map Review, and says, “Detailed comparison and review of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and the Crown Money Map. Both are great tools to use to achieve financial goals.”

Roger Wohlner from The Chicago Financial Planner presents E*Trade’s Fee Commercials – Informative or Misleading?, and says, “During the Super Bowl I watched E*Trade Financial’s commercials deriding the 2% (of assets under management) fees they claim are charged by many financial advisors and portraying their advice services as the white knight answer to this problem. Are these and similar commercials informative or misleading?”

Bob from Dwindling Debt presents Spending and Saving Advice for Single Moms, and says, “Tips and advice that single moms can use to save for the future.”

Sean Smarty from Grow Money presents Invest in Nokia (NOK)

Colin Williams from humble savers presents From Your First Paycheck To Financial security, and says, “How one young man got his head around his finances straight after college and found financial security”

CF from The Outlier Model presents Choosing NOT to participate in my employee stock plan, and says, “Sometimes, taking advantage of employee benefits isn’t to your best advantage…at the time. I chose not to enroll in my employee stock plan until it fits within my budget.”

Pauline from Reach Financial Independence presents Creating a website as a source of extra income, and says, “I am always looking for other sources of income, and while not passive, website creation can be a good way to make extra money.”

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividend Stocks for Young Investors, and says, “One of the most prevalent myths about dividend stocks is that they are mostly for retired investors. The slow growing, unexciting businesses which tend to grow at predictable rates, are not seen to be sexy enough for young investors. This misconception can cost you millions of dollars in missed opportunities.”

Kurt Fischer from Money Counselor presents Hit by Credit Card Surcharges?, and says, “One more reason to use cash instead of a credit card: As of January 27th of this year, merchants were allowed to hit consumers buying with a VISA or MasterCard with a fee of up to 4% of the purchase to recover “swipe fees.””

nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings of the Half-Tenured presents The push-pull of spending/saving/not-working, and says, “If you had to choose among spending less so that your take-home income was more than your outflow, staying in a job you didn’t like, or spending exactly what you earn (not including mandatory retirement saving), what would you pick? What would help you make a decision?”

Miranda @ Excess Return from Excess Return presents How to Tell When It’s Time to Sell That Stock, and says, “As investors, we tend to focus quite a bit on when we should buy something. It’s important to make sure that you get a good deal on a security, and that you are choosing something that has good potential and possible staying power.”

Karl Marrion from WiseStockBuyer presents 10 Alternative Investments You May Not Have Considered, and says, “Don’t fancy stocks? There are other investment opportunities that may interest you.”

Real Estate:

Peter from Bible Money Matters presents How to Use Zillow When Buying or Selling a Home, and says, “One site that has proved invaluable for us over the years when doing home research has been Zillow has a wide range of data and tools available to users, and it has helped us out a great deal when in the process of both buying and selling homes. So today I thought I would do a quick review of Zillow, and talk about some of the reasons why we use it when buying and selling a home.”

Mrs. PoP from Planting Our Pennies presents How To Look At Real Estate Values, and says, “Buying real estate is a big deal, so it’s worth doing some research before making a purchase. Mrs. PoP gives some tips on identifying reliable trends in real estate values.”

Pete from Intelligent Speculator presents Passive Income Project: Am I Actually Willing To Become A Landlord?, and says, “Have you thought about the work involved in becoming a landlord?”


Evan from My Journey to Millions presents Options When You Have an Insufficient Retirement, and says, “Most of us would like to live a long life, but finding financial support when your retirement is insufficient can be difficult. If you are nearing retirement, here are some strategies you may want to consider.”


FMF from Free Money Finance presents Rediscover Your Various Income Streams & Save Like Crazy!, and says, “For most of us, our day job income is our primary income source. No wonder we are so reluctant to leave our jobs in the first place. If only we had enough side income to make up for our day job income loss, we’d be out of there faster than our manager can say, “Need you to stay the weekend to finish the project by Monday!””

Lily from Paying Debt Down presents Money Saving Tips for 2013 that you can really Use part 2, and says, “Everyday tips that can make a difference in the amount of money you spend and save.”

Lily from Paying Debt Down presents Money Saving Tips for 2013 that you can really Use Part I, and says, “Reald world tips you can use everyday to save money.”


Sean from One Smart Dollar presents Understanding the Child Tax Credit, and says, “If you have kids you are going to be happy to learn that your tax bill will be decreasing permanently due to the child tax credit.”

Amanda from My Dollar Plan presents How to File Taxes as Domestic Partners, and says, “The federal government does not recognize domestic partners as being married for either legal or tax purposes. However, some states do. Naturally, this has tax consequences on both a state and a federal level.”

Michael from Financial Ramblings presents How to Adjust Your Income Tax Withholding, and says, “If you’re getting a huge tax refund or you owe more than you’re comfortable forking out all at once, you might want to adjust your withholding. This article explains how.”


harry campbell from Your PF Pro presents Why Should I donate blood?, and says, ““Give blood today and save some lives.” Doesn’t that sound great? I’m sure you’ve seen some form of that saying around town or in a bulletin floating around work. It seems like there’s always a shortage of blood and never enough donors. My donation days started way back in college with the Red Cross. Once a quarter, in exchange for giving blood, I would receive a coupon for a free Chipotle burrito. That’s all I needed to hear, giving blood became a no-brainer seeing as how I could turn my free burrito coupon into a mega-monster(and I guess I was saving someone’s life too) while I waited in-between classes.”

Lynn from Wallet Blog presents The Paradox of Medicaid, and says, “This is where we come to the paradox of Medicaid: it exists so that people who are stricken with disease and poverty can receive healthcare, but the stress and bureaucracy of negotiating the application process leaves you wanting to die.

eemusings from NZ Muse presents My financial wishlist, and says, “If I had five financial free wishes, here’s what I’d wish for.”

Jules Wilson from Faithful With a Few presents Don’t Get a Divorce – Unless You Can Afford To!, and says, “Unfortunately, divorce and finances have become a part of American life. Find out what financial matters you need to consider if faced with the prospect of divorce!”

Financial Uproar from Financial Uproar presents An Interview With a Phone Sex Operator, and says, “Ever wondered about the business behind phone sex? This article answers some of those questions.”

Big Cajun Man from THE Canadian Personal Finance Blog presents Financial Finger Wagging, and says, “Do you need a financial finger wagger in your life?”

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