5 Tips for an Organized Wallet (or Purse)

Be Prepared to Lose Your Wallet

You reach into your pocket to grab your wallet. You feel around. Your stomach drops. It’s not there! Hopefully you will never have to go through this scenario that millions of people have had to deal with. Only one in five lost wallets makes it way back to its owner, so it is very important … Read more

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5 Tips for an Organized Wallet (or Purse)

I once I wrote about how I was on the verge of the Costanza Wallet. I have learned more about keeping my wallet de-cluttered and small in the time since, and got it down to a list of my top five tips for an organized wallet.

Side Hustle

Why I Hate Carrying Cash

A dollar, a greenback, a buck. There have been many nicknames for the US Dollar. Americans are proud of their currency as a safe-haven currency during economic hardship. We love our money. That is just part of our culture. However, I am kind of tired of it. I hate carrying cash.

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