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Planning My First Credit Card Churn

Planning My First Credit Card Churn

If you regularly read travel hacking blogs, you have probably heard the term “churn” used quite a bit. For the uninitiated, a churn is a strategy used to sign up for new credit cards to maximize signup and bonus offers to rack up a huge number of frequent flyer miles and travel points quickly.

How You Spend Points and Miles Is Just As Important As Earning Them

How You Spend Points and Miles Is Just As Important As Earning Them

About four years ago I made the transition from being a casual earner of frequent flier miles to becoming a serious mileage junkie. How serious am I? I attend conferences devoted to the subject and make a nice living writing about loyalty travel programs and credit cards. But having earned millions of points and miles through some ingenious methods, I reached an inescapable conclusion that will sound very familiar to personal finance enthusiasts: Spending points and miles wisely is at least as important as finding ways to earn them.

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Getting Awesome Free Travel Rewards

I have written about awesome mileage cards in the past, and just took advantage of a sweet deal that landed me a free round trip flight on American Airlines. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. You can do it too.

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Making Travel a Reality

In November, I spent 2 weeks in London, Paris, and Amsterdam. In January, I was in Costa Rica. In March, I made it to Fayetteville, Arkansas for a weekend. On Monday, I came home from New Orleans for three days before I drive to Omaha for a long weekend. Next weekend I am back in Arkansas, and by the end of the summer I will have been to Minneapolis and hopefully Spain. This might be incredibly overwhelming, but you can really do it too. I promise.

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