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Bank in Vermont

Why Small Business Bank Accounts are Important

As you all know, I’m busy outside of my day job. In addition to my full time gig as a financial analyst, I run two companies. I have a blogging and online media company and a flash mob company. To protect myself from personal liability, I have an LLC for each. To ensure my LLC … Read more

IRS 1040 Taxes

Should I Set Up a Company for Side Income?

Many Narrow Bridge Finance readers work on a side project or hobby outside of their main job to earn side income. While managing the finance for side income is only a small project early on, as the company grows it becomes more complicated. At that point, it is best to decide if it is worthwhile to … Read more

January 2012 Net Worth and Earnings Update

January was a fun month and one that helped me build a little on my net worth. I had the rare family-funded vacation and spent hardly anything for the first two weeks of the month. Since returning, I have had a couple of expensive evenings out, but in general this month was fairly typical.

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