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6 Myths About Frequent Flyer Miles Exposed

I have so many friends that pay full price for their flights. Every time they tell me they can’t take a trip because of the cost, I tell them that there are tons of ways to use miles and points to travel cheap. Here are some of the reasons they give me for thinking they … Read more

5 Tips for an Organized Wallet (or Purse)

Be Prepared to Lose Your Wallet

You reach into your pocket to grab your wallet. You feel around. Your stomach drops. It’s not there! Hopefully you will never have to go through this scenario that millions of people have had to deal with. Only one in five lost wallets makes it way back to its owner, so it is very important … Read more

How You Spend Points and Miles Is Just As Important As Earning Them

How You Spend Points and Miles Is Just As Important As Earning Them

About four years ago I made the transition from being a casual earner of frequent flier miles to becoming a serious mileage junkie. How serious am I? I attend conferences devoted to the subject and make a nice living writing about loyalty travel programs and credit cards. But having earned millions of points and miles through some ingenious methods, I reached an inescapable conclusion that will sound very familiar to personal finance enthusiasts: Spending points and miles wisely is at least as important as finding ways to earn them.

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