Can I Really Afford to Save For Retirement?

My wife and I were having a conversation the other day about saving for retirement and what regrets, if any, that I had. I had accumulated a fair share of debt early in life and when I finally decided it was time to repay that debt I ignored saving or investing. Sure, I had a … Read more

March 2014 Earnings and Investments Update

I just returned from the first of my wedding related trips, this one to Santa Barbara, and I’m excited for the adventures ahead. I just shared a new post on travel hacking, and have to say I’m loving some of the recent benefits, like waiting for my flight in the United Club lounge instead of … Read more

Eric Rosenberg Curling

February 2014 Earnings and Investments Update

Happy February friends! This month has always had a soft spot in my heart because of my birthday, which is tomorrow! I’m entering my last year a twentysomething blogger, but looking back at all of the posts I have written since the blog was born on October 7th, 2008, I am thrilled with how far … Read more

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