Online Bill Pay

Never Miss a Bill Again

Missing bills totally sucks. It doesn’t happen to most of us very often, but when it does it is frustrating. It can cost us money in fees, extra time, and stress, and for some bills can even lower our credit scores. To avoid this totally sucky thing, here are a few tips to never miss … Read more

Saving Money

Create Your Own Automatic Plan

I have recently shared ideas to make an account inventory, track everything in one place, create your first budget, and start saving for retirement. I kept mentioning automation. Now that you have a good understanding of your money, it is time to automate it to save you time, money, and headache.

The Power of Online Bill Pay

I have used online bill pay for a long time, but I only used it for recurring monthly payments and to send payments that I would otherwise have to mail. I started playing around with my bank’s bill pay and found out just how powerful it is.

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