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Identity Theft

10 Identity Theft Tips For Smart People

Identity theft is on the rise in the United States. According to the IRS, 2013 saw record levels of identity theft. Almost all of us know someone who has had their identity stolen. Follow these ten tips to stay smart and keep your identity to yourself.

Checkbook Account

Why I Don’t Balance My Checkbook

We have been told that we need to balance our checkbooks for decades. This common advice is given with the best intentions. We are told that by tracking our transactions, we are protecting ourselves from overdrafts and ensuring nothing unauthorized happens in our accounts. That is true, but there are better ways to do all of that.

What Kind of Bank is Right for Me?

Last week we looked at how to choose a credit union and why you might be best off at a big bank. Let’s take a few minutes to recap and help you decide what kind of bank is right for you.

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