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Never Underestimate the Power of Refinancing Your Mortgage

This post comes to you in partnership with Refily. This post is by me (Eric) and features my own opinions. There were several significant milestones where I felt like a real grown-up, and one of them was getting my first mortgage. But I felt like a financially savvy grown-up after refinancing that mortgage, and another … Read more

5 Steps to Paying Off a Mortgage Early

I worked hard to pay off my car loan in half the time, my student loans in two years, and the only debt I have left is my mortgage. That is something my friend Steve Stewart and I don’t have in common. As of next week, he is completely debt free. In celebration of his mortgage payoff, … Read more

Home buyer guide- from search to move in-

Home Buyer’s Guide: From Search to Move In

Buying a home can be intimidating. In September 2011, I bought my first home. I went through the process to find a place, get a mortgage, and close with the help and support of a great realtor and my own local market knowledge. Below you will find the full guide to how I found a … Read more

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How Mortgages Work

Do you realize how many types of mortgages are offered today? You most likely know about some of the most common, but what are the true details of these mortgage types? And what are the other types of mortgages that are offered? Is your mortgage right for your situation? Let’s first explore the various types … Read more

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