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Automate Your Account Tracking

Now that you have done a full account inventory and closed your inactive accounts, it is time to making tracking your accounts and organizing your statements easier and quicker. I use a few free tools to keep my accounts and transactions organized, and you get them setup in just a few minutes.

Get Rid of Your File Cabinet with Manilla

Get Rid of Your File Cabinet with Manilla

I recently compared financial organization site Manilla with financial management and budgeting site In my comparison of Mint and Manilla, I suggested that the services are complementary and both would be helpful. Since that time, I have put even more of my accounts on Manilla and have considered using it to dump my file cabinet once and for all.

Soft Hit vs. Hard Hit on Your Credit

Mint Alternative: Manilla vs.

You all know that I have been a fan of for a long time. I have compared it to sites like Adaptu and PageOnce. Today, I am going to compare it to another competitor, Manilla. Enjoy the review of Mint’s new competitor Manilla.

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