Building A Real Estate Snowball

Building a Real Estate Snowball

Over the last 50 years, the S&P 500 has yielded a compound annual growth rate of 9.41%. With returns like that, why would anyone consider investing elsewhere? I know several people who have made a great living for themselves renting out properties, so I thought I would run the numbers to see if it is … Read more

Flip Houses or Rent Out Real Estate?

Flip Houses or Rent Out Real Estate?

Have you ever thought about flipping houses on the side? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to buy real estate and rent out your property to make a consistent semi-passive monthly income? Both strategies can potentially make money, but is it better to flip houses or rent them?

Monopoly House Real Estate

Steps to Become a Landlord

I wrote all about how I bought my first condo in September. Since that time, I have had a roommate living with me paying rent each month. After doing a little analysis, I found that I could easily rent out the entire condo for a big profit. It got me thinking about becoming a landlord on a larger scale.

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