The Meteoric Rise and Fall of Netflix

In 1997, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph created a company called Netflix. Hastings was angry about a late fee charged when he turned in the movie Apollo 13 after the due date. His business was like a traditional video store at the time, but evolved into one of the most recognized brands in North America.

Fixing Your Own Economy

If you read the news today or listen to talk radio, you will most likely hear some mention of unemployment and how bad the economy is. I disagree, the economy is in great shape. You just need to look after yourself to ensure your personal economy stays on top.

New York Stock Exchange Wall Street

What Price/Book Ratio Means in Investing

If you are baffled by the ratios in the stock market, you are not alone. You can easily find a whirlwind of figures and ratios. Some of them, such as P/E and market cap are easily explained and understood. However, you might be able to find more value from less known ratios such as Price/Book.

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