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How to Save Money on Hotels When Traveling

Those of you who read my free money tips newsletter (which I suggest you do), know that I am about to take a trip to Israel. I spent the last few days working on lodging for the trip, and I want to share a few tips to save money on hotels when traveling.

Free Batteries

5 Things You Should Never Spend Money On

The old adage is true: It pays to save. And as today’s economy sputters, it’s never been more important to cut costs everywhere. Beyond that, there are actually household necessities you can get without spending a dime – yes, free. If you pair these things with your overall coupon cutting and deal shopping, you’ll go far toward maximizing your bottom line.

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Five Frugal Tips That Go Too Far

I am all about saving money. I like to focus on the big wins like cancelling monthly recurring expenses (like cable) or paying a student loan off 8 years early to save thousands of dollars in interest. I usually don’t care about saving seven cents on soap by not showering. Here are some other crazy frugal tips that I would never, ever do.

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