Planning the Costs of a Weekend Getaway

This weekend, I am taking my girlfriend up to the mountains for a quick weekend getaway. I am excited to get out of the city for a couple of days and enjoy everything a fall trip to the Rockies has to offer. Before I made the reservations, however, I made sure to tally up the costs of a weekend away.

Understanding “Need” vs “Want”

Have you ever heard someone say how much they “need” something that is a complete waste of money? They need their gym membership, they need their SUV, they need their daily latte. We all know that it is a want, but it is an important psychological issue to understand.

Saving Time and Money on Quality Wine

I love good wine. At the end of a long day, nothing goes better with dinner than a great Chianti or Bordeaux. But, as I found my taste in wine evolving, so did the cost. I am always looking to learn about good wines, trying new ones, and saving money. Last week, I found a new way to do all three that I am trying out.

Money and Relationships

There has been much talk about money and marriage lately, and so there should be considering money is the number one reason for divorce.

Diving in a lake sundown

Eight Cheap Date on a Budget Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank

I told you all about the first time I had to deal with the end of a serious relationship and how to get over heartbreak and move on. Then, more recently, I told you about my reflections on whether I am more like Barney or Ted. After any relationship ends, you have to move on to the next one. Here are my tips on starting a new relationship without breaking the bank.

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