Soft Hit vs. Hard Hit on Your Credit

Mint Alternative: Manilla vs.

You all know that I have been a fan of for a long time. I have compared it to sites like Adaptu and PageOnce. Today, I am going to compare it to another competitor, Manilla. Enjoy the review of Mint’s new competitor Manilla.

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Managing Your Cash Flow Like a Company

Did you know large companies never pay invoices right away? They don’t even care about the due date. They set a policy telling vendors when they will be paid. While you don’t have as much leverage as a Fortune 500 company, you can manage your cash like one.

The Power of Online Bill Pay

I have used online bill pay for a long time, but I only used it for recurring monthly payments and to send payments that I would otherwise have to mail. I started playing around with my bank’s bill pay and found out just how powerful it is.

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