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Personal Finance Bloggers to Watch in 2010

The super famous finance bloggers like those at Wise Bread often create a weekly post linking to other super famous finance bloggers.  However, I have found that some of the best ideas come from the future Ramit Sethi or the next Tim Ferris.

So, as we bring in the new year, I want to give you my shortlist of personal finance bloggers to watch.  These are the up and comers that are making a splash in the online finance world.  The rules to make my list: less than 10,000 RSS subscribers.  In no particular order:

Stephanie – Poorer Than You

Stephanie is a personable recent graduate on the journey to pay off student debt and increase income.  She gives a few useful tips and reviews every week that have inspired me to change a few things, and have made it to this blog on a few occasions.

Patrick – Cash Money Life

I have been reading CML for quite a while now, and I am regularly impressed with Patrick’s insights into small business and the integration between your entrepreneurial life and personal financial life.

FB – Fabulously Broke in the City

Fabousouly Broke is a feisty one, and she will hold nothing back.  She is regularly giving her opinions on money as well as her personal fashion and food thoughts (which are more useful for the girls than for me.)  Her finance insights have been developed through hard work in IT contracting, and it is interesting to read about life on a non-traditional income, including the ultra-frugal ways to stretch those dollars, US or Canadian, as far as possible.

Well Heeled – Well Heeled With a Mission

Reading the Well Heeled blog, I feel like a real person is talking to me about real life.  Well Heeled does not preach super frugal, she talks about being responsible and smart with your finances.  (I am also jealous of her recent trip to Disney World.)

Frugal Trader – Million Dollar Journey

Frugal Trader seems to be doing quite well in his journey to a seven figure bank account.  His balance of debt, equity, and investing is a great example for future investment gurus looking for help starting out.

Eric – Narrow Bridge Finance

After a little more than a year of personal finance blogging, I have plans to grow and help readers do more to put their financial lives on autopilot through taking advantage of great online resources while investing in an independent financial future.  Stick around to learn more about the personal finance arsenal and great ways to save, earn, and invest.  Please subscribe to the RSS feed or by e-mail if you have not already.

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