Start the New Year with Solid Financial Footing

My tax preparation process for 2011 has begun, but it is not too early to start tracking for 2012. Whether you need to better track your transactions, budget, or balances, the new year is a great time to get on top of your money.

Long time readers know that I am a fan of free tools that can save you time and money. Here are a few favorites that you should check out to help keep 2012 easy to manage.

I always come back to when I need to track transactions by category and budget. This has been my go-to website for tracking my finances since July, 2007. Mint allows you to easily and automatically track your bank account balances, transactions, and budgets from an easy to navigate dashboard.

On top of that, you can use Mint to motivate and track your debt or savings goals. If you are not already a user, sign up today.

Account Balances

If you want to track your financial account balances with some really cool charts at the same place as you track your mileage, reward, and point accounts, look no further than Adaptu. My friends at Adaptu have built some very useful tracking tools and the new mobile app (so far only for iPhone, but I have high hopes for an Android version coming soon) keep your balances in your pocket.

If you only want to track travel, you can try AwardWallet to track your miles and hotel points without mixing in your financial accounts.

Easy, Automatic Investing

I signed up for Betterment a few months back, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the site. It is incredibly easy to set up a small, recurring investment to build your wealth over time. I have had a modest gain and was able to think about something else while my money was at work.

If you sign up here, you can Get a $25 Account Bonus when you sign up for Betterment. Start now!

Your Favorites

What are some of your favorite tools to easily manage your finances? Any tips to help when tax time comes around next year? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Image by myvirtuallady.

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