Guest Posting Guidelines

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in guest posting at Personal Profitability. I do accept an occasional guest post, but have some guidelines and requirements before any post will be accepted. As a basic guideline, the post should be the very best on the entire internet for the topic.

Look at these posts as guides to what I have in mind:

As another guide, check out one of my favorite blogs, the Stories section at Your post should be at least as good as the average post at the Sumo blog if you want it to show up at Personal Profitability.

Specific requirements:

  • Length: 2,000+ words
  • Images: At least 3-5 images related to content
  • Video clips: Encouraged but optional
  • Links to your site: Up to two links to your site (including bio)
  • Internal links: A few links to internal Personal Profitability resources encouraged
  • External links: A couple of links to other amazing resources at reputable sites encouraged
  • Content must be 100% original and not posted elsewhere.
  • Content must be in high quality, American English with no spelling or grammar mistakes. Proofread before sending!
  • Guest posts (and sponsored posts) are always disclosed as such.

Notes and rules:

  • This is my site, what I say goes. I have the right to refuse any submission or edit any guest post.
  • If your guest post contains links to a client site where you are being paid, this falls under the category of “sponsored post” and has different rules. (These posts can be shorter, but require an annual fee)
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