PPP043: I’m David Rubenstein and I Can Help With Your Credit

David Rubenstein started his career as a big firm lawyer, but decided that life wasn't for him. He now works for himself and also runs a credit and credit card forum thanks to a longtime love for personal finance. Learn how he escaped the 9-5 life and got started with his credit forums side hustle in this week's episode of the Personal Profitability Podcast.

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Getting a Mortgage with a Thin Credit History

Following up with my friend Doug, he said that mortgage underwriters need a credit score for everyone. But when you have a thin file, they take a manual approach and look to alternate reports for payment history to help produce a credit file and score.
Based on that, I would not pay to have rent or utilities reported to the major credit bureaus if I wanted to build credit for a mortgage.
He did recommend that anyone recovering from a credit event (bankruptcy, etc.) or just not having credit should get a secured credit card (he likes Capital One) and one or two department store cards (Macy, Sears). Use the secure card to make a few purchases every month (they can be small) and then pay in full. Use the department store cards only when you open them to take advantage of the discount and any interest free financing. Doing that should build a good credit file and score in a few months.
I'm David Rubenstein and I Can Help WIth Your Credit - PersonalProfitability.com

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