PPP031: It’s Time to Get to Work to Earn Your First Dollar on the Side

You may have noticed today’s episode is shorter than usual. Listen or read on to see why, and what you should do when you are done listening this week on the Personal Profitability Podcast.


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Eric Rosenberg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Welcome back to the Personal Profitability Podcast. As always, I am your host, Eric Rosenberg. And today you might have noticed that the episode link is a lot shorter than usual. I’m gonna explain why in just a second.

If this is your first time ever listening to the podcast this is probably not the best place to start. I would hit ‘stop’ now, go back a whole bunch of episodes. Really, I think it’s great from the beginning. So if you’re new or have picked up along the way, you know I have every episode ever, up and available for download on iTunes, Stitcher or whatever platform you like.

But here is why today is short and special and different. One thing that I see commonly across people who have big dreams and inspirations of starting a side business or making money on the side or even going full time in their own business like I’m doing just this week, people just don’t take that first step. They don’t take that first action. I always say it always starts with the first dollar. But people always say, you know, they’re so busy, they don’t have the time. They come up with excuse after excuse, after excuse, after excuse.

Today I’m taking away one of your excuses. You are not too busy to earn your first dollar on the side. You know I started blogging on the side, actually it was over 10 years ago now, just about 10 years ago this summer, I was busy, I had a full time job, I was a full time student, I was working at a summer camp, I did all these things. When I had my MBA, I was working on my MBA full time the same time I had a full time job and I still managed to crank out blog posts. So if I had time to do that, whatever your dream business is you can start in only 15 minutes a day.

But today I’m gonna give you forty minutes because my podcast episodes are usually about 45 minutes long give or take, sometimes they’re half hour, sometimes they’re an hour, but I usually target about 45 minutes and today I’m targeting about 5 minutes or less because I’m giving you 40 minutes back that you would have spent listening to this podcast to go do something valuable for your business to earn your first dollar. Because that’s where it starts – the first dollar.

The first nickle I made online was with something that existed long before Google’s Adsense which has made me quite a bit over a nickle though, I’ve removed that from my primary income streams. There was this old click advertising network on Yahoo that if people clicked you had a nickle. That was how I earned my first nickle on a website when I was in high school at the time. Now it’s grown to $40,000 in revenue last year and becoming my full time job.

So I’m gonna shut up now and let you get to work. Take the next forty minutes to do something, whether it’s buying a domain name, setting up a website, if you need help email me [email protected], but do something to get your business moving and get towards earning your first dollar on the side.

That’s all I have to say. You too are challenged if you are like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, I want you to get up and get in this cool pose that I’m doing now, kind of dorky and say, ‘Challenge accepted!” And get to work.

Challenge Accepted

Until next time, stay profitable.

2 thoughts on “PPP031: It’s Time to Get to Work to Earn Your First Dollar on the Side”

  1. I’m making $10 a month now passively. It’s so cool to think that just by doing nothing, I’ll always have that. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but wouldn’t you be overjoyed to find a $10 bill on the street every month? 🙂 My goal is to be able to replace my full time salary in passive/side hustle income within the next couple of years!

    1. That’s an awesome start! I’ll never forget when I realized I covered a couple of beers with my blog, then my bar tabs for a whole month, then my rent, then a mortgage! Now I’m making a full-time income online. It all starts with that first dollar! You’re on the right track.

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