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The Personal Profitability Complete Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance

Welcome to the Personal Profitability Complete Beginner's Guide to Personal Finance. This eBook brings together some of the best resources ever created in the first ten years of the Personal Profitability blog. Download those resources as a PDF ebook to enjoy on your computer, smartphone, or favorite ebook reader. Get started on your Path to Personal Profitability today! As an added bonus, get a .epub version ideal for your e-reader!


Section One: Your Money

The Complete Beginner Guide to Budgeting

The Complete Beginner Guide to Bank Accounts

The Complete Beginner Guide to Personal Financial Statements

Credit Scores: The Complete Beginner Guide

Complete Beginner Guide to the Stock Market

Home Buyer’s Guide: From Search to Move In

Section Two: Your Income

Career Transition Guide – Find a New Job, Get It, Leave Gracefully, and Kick-Ass In Your New Job

Starting a Small Business: From Idea to Exit Strategies

137 Ways to Earn Your First Side Hustle Dollar

The Complete Beginner Guide to Freelancing

Sell Your Old Place or Rent It Out: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Landlord, or Not

Section Three: Maximize Your Money

The Complete Beginner Guide to Travel Hacking

The Complete Beginner Guide to Coupons

The Complete Beginner Guide to Holiday Budgeting


You are faced with money decisions every day. From the grocery store to the lunch counter and from the gas pump to your favorite online shopping destination, your success with money ultimately comes down to your decision making.

Money is a two-sided equation. If you have always struggled, this guide may help you get started on a new path… on the Path of Personal Profitability.

In these pages, you will find a summary of some of the best-of in the history of Personal Profitability, a blog, podcast, and video channel founded as Narrow Bridge Finance way back in 2008. Now, more than a decade later, you can digest these cornerstones of personal profitability on your own schedule from your favorite computer, smartphone, or digital reading device.

As you dive in, consider how you can take these lessons and apply them to your daily money. By the end of this book, you should understand where your money comes from, where it goes, and opportunities to both earn more and spend less to maximize your cash flow.

Also remember this important fact: you can only cut your spending and budget so much, but your income can increase forever. This guide starts with the basics: your budget and bank account. The second section focuses on your income, earning from your career, a side hustle, or real estate. It wraps up with some bonus skills you can use to stretch your dollars even farther.

This is the first time all of the best guides from Personal Profitability are available in one place! I hope you enjoy them and find them useful. To get more personalized help, you may want to consider One-On-One Personal Profitability Coaching.

Wherever you are in your journey with money, this guide can help you level up your skills and knowledge. Apply them every week and your money skills and situation should only improve. That is what Personal Profitability is all about.

Until next time, stay profitable,

Eric Rosenberg

Founder of Personal Profitability

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