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Complete Guide tp Personal Financial Statements

The Complete Beginner Guide to Personal Financial Statements

No one wants to be broke, living paycheck to paycheck, or struggling with money. Everyone wants to succeed with their finances. But many people struggling with their finances don’t know how their money works. If you really want to succeed in personal finance, you have to treat your finances like a business with personal financial statements.

1950s Cadillacs

Your Car Cost of Ownership is Killing Your Net Worth

Do you own your own car? According to a few different surveys, there is a 95% chance that you do! In fact, many households have two cars or more to get them through their day to day activities. So, it is likely that you own at least one vehicle. Do you have any idea what … Read more

Winding Path in the Forest

Focus on Long Term Wealth

Are you determined to get out of debt and grow your wealth? When I made the decision to get out of debt, all I could focus on was the current day, or at most, the next day. I had to deny myself various pleasures each and every day so that I could have that extra … Read more

My net worth was near zero during my MBA program, but has since surpassed $500,000. Follow my net worth journey from 2008 to 2012 on this net worth tracker.

My Net Worth, What’s The Deal?

As you can see from my Net Worth widget, I just had a big dive. I started tracking my net worth just before my first tuition payment. My first quarter cost about $13,000. I paid about half cash and took out a student loan for the other half.

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