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Welcome to Personal Profitability. My name is Eric. I am a finance guy from Colorado who followed a dream and moved to Portland, quit my job to work online full-time, and then moved to the beach in California.

I have an undergraduate degree and an MBA in finance and regularly share income growth, investment, banking, and lifestyle articles and podcast episodes here at Personal Profitability.

What You Learn Here

Personal Profitability Mission: To help you earn more, spend thoughtfully, grow your wealth, and live a better life through mindful personal finance.

Side hustlers, entrepreneurs, and anyone willing to work hard to improve their finances will find helpful tips, tricks, stories, and advice designed to help you level up your financial situation.

This is not a blog that will tell you not to spend money, but it will tell you to spend responsibly. What is the point of having money if you can’t have any fun? However, I firmly believe in taking responsibility for your financial future.

On this site, you will read how I paid for a private school MBA and the student loans that came with it in two years, how I went to college for free, how I make sure my credit cards always pay me, how I make traveling the world affordable, and how I get the most out of life without having to worry about bouncing a check. Join me to learn to ensure you have a good personal finance lifestyle.

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Why Personal Profitability?

The name Personal Profitability came to me six years into blogging at Narrow Bridge Finance. I was standing in the shower pondering what this site is about, and the name came to me. At Personal Profitability, my goal is to help you be profitable just like a business. The four pillars of Personal Profitability are earning more, spending mindfully, growing wealth, and living a better life.

While you are here, be sure to check out my favorite posts. You can also read my first post to learn more about the site’s old name, Narrow Bridge Finance, and why I started blogging about money.

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo


The posts on this blog represent the author’s (or guest author’s) personal opinions and are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing should be construed as financial, tax, investment, or legal advice.

I am not a certified financial adviser or planner. Articles, podcasts, and videos here are based on my education, work history, personal experience, and research. I never make things up, but I don’t have a team of editors and fact-checkers reviewing this site.

Any stock, investment, banking, or credit decisions are at your own risk. I am not liable for anything bad that happens because you followed something you learned here. When in doubt, work with a trusted financial professional

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I accept sponsored advertisements on this site. I disclose all sponsored posts. Please support my sponsors to keep this site going strong. This site also contains affiliate links for products I support and have tried myself.

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