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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Everyday Expenses

Having a family of five we’re always looking for ways on how we can save money on every day, common expenses. We like to be frugal in many areas so that we can spend money on other things we enjoy and ultimately that comes down to making hard choices about how we spend our money. While we have come up with a number of ways, the possibilities are really limitless in terms of saving money and ultimately come down to what you value and what kind of lifestyle you choose to live.

Save Money on Your Hair Care

People have different opinions in terms of what to spend on hair care. Neither are really wrong, but one of the easiest ways to save money is by being more frugal with your hair care. I have cut (not me personally, but my wife does the dirty work) my own hair for close to 15 years now. I have bought two pairs of clippers in that time frame and it means I no longer have that expense to deal with. My wife has also started taking herself and our kids to a local hairstyling school to get their hair cut. What used to cost us at least $45 to get my wife’s hair cut every few months she is now able to get all of them done and usually has a little money left over to boot. It may not be glamorous, but their hair looks just the same and we get to save money that can be applied to other areas of our budget.

Don’t Go to the Grocery Store

I wrote a few weeks ago about how to save money at the grocery store, so I know this might seem to be contradictory, but hear me out. It’s easy to make a quick trip to the store if you run out of something. No harm, right? That is after all, exactly what grocery stores want you to do. Every once in a while is ok, but if done regularly these little trips can really add up. Rectify this by having a list when you go and cut down your number of trips. This will force you to become a wiser shopper. You’ll notice that it will become easier to save money when you’re doing your grocery shopping. If you do have to run up to the store, try and just take the cash you need for the item so you’re not tempted to spend more.

Comparison Shop

Whenever we have to buy something for the house, in general, be it something small or large I am always looking for how I can save money on that purchase. Thankfully the internet makes that very easy today. Whether you check out a coupon site like Retailmenot or go to Amazon, you can almost always find either a coupon or someone else selling the same item for cheaper. This allows us to save money that can be used for other things in our budget and requires very little work or time on our parts.

What are some of the ways you like to save money on everyday expenses?

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5 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Everyday Expenses”

  1. My FI Journey

    I do all my grocery shopping once a week with a list. This helps get me through the store faster and limits how much I buy. I also find it helpful to have a snack before shopping. When I’m hungry, list be damned, I’m buying everything in the store – especially all the less-than-healthy stuff I shouldn’t be eating..

    1. John S @ Frugal Rules

      We’re the same way MFIJ. When we don’t go with a list or go hungry then it becomes more difficult to shop with a focus. That can result in spending on things we don’t need or want.

  2. I’m guilty of visiting the grocery store too often. We have yet to master meal planning and though I make lists, there have been many occasions where I go to the store for two items and walk out with several more. In addition to coupon sites, I’ve started using discount gift cards to pay for everyday expenses. I recently purchased a $100 gift card to TJMaxx for $80 to help save money on a bathroom redesign, and have also purchased discount gift cards as gifts for others.

    1. John S @ Frugal Rules

      We are as well, though I can generally get out without going too overboard. We do our meal plans by 10 days to match up with our shopping. We tried going a month out, but life always happens and you end up making other things. The discount gift card thing is a great idea, especially if you’re able to make it work out for you.

  3. Going to the grocery store is a killer in this house. We live very close to the grocery store, Dollar General, and a few other convenience stores. My man has to learn how to at least “sort of” meal plan each week, but he’ll go out and shop on a whim because he wants a different meal. I think it wastes a ton of money!

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