Yakezie Carnival: Independence Day Edition

For those of you blogging or reading from the United States, you are enjoying a long weekend and a Monday off of work. To celebrate the long weekend, enjoy the 4th of July (technically 3rd of July) edition of the Yakezie Carnival.

I teach you about the Price/Book Ratio and what it means when investing.

Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has frugal tips for dog owners.

Sweating the Big Stuff gives us early tips to start saving for the holidays. It is never too early to start stocking money away.

Money Reasons offers us a way to act like a landlord without spending the extra money on real estate.

One Cent at a Time has a method to become rich that most people have no thought of before.

Mr. and Mrs. Not Made of Money  have 33 ideas for you to save money on your next wedding. Ideally you only need this post once, but it is good to share with friends too.

The College Investor decided it is time to help his parents out with their finances. Get great tips from his new post.

Saving Money Today has a creative method to pay off US government debt. Not a bad idea if you ask me.

Money Beagle had a close encounter with a grill fire. Fire in the hole!

Investor Junkie has given Lending Club a shot. Learn how you can be a bank.

101 Centavos debates when it is worth giving home repairs a shot on your own and when it is better to just call a professional.

Compounding Returns is onto year 9 of the 15 year millionaire series. That is just shy of the $500,000 mark.

Evan at My Journey to Millions found that congress is not required to follow the same insider trading rules as Wall Street professionals. That might need to change.

Prarie EcoThrifter shares why credit cards are so important when traveling overseas in a post from the CEO of Card Hub.

MoneyCone did an analysis of Citigroup stock and its recent reverse split.

The Family CEO wants to instill important money lessons in her children.

Little House in the Valley took a look at spending on restaurants compared to groceries.

Family Money Values teaches her grandchildren important money lessons.

Tight Fisted Mister wants to know what you have done to get rich and has ideas for you to take action.

Greg from Control Your Cash has ideas about politics, capitalism, and more at his Independence Day post.

Matt at financial excellence wonders if debt is a good tool to use or if you are playing with fire when you take out a loan.

Khaleef at Faithful With a Few explains why you have to know about the contingent workforce and how they will impact your career.

Financially Consumed has ideas to save money on your bills while being green.

Suba wrote about bridging the retirement gender gap at Bucksome Boomer.

Amanda tell us about the five rules of gold at Frugal Confessions.

Super Frugalette debates the idea of quality versus cost when shopping at IKEA.

Glen at Free From Broke thinks that bridge loans are bad and gives eight reasons to sell your home before you buy a new one.

Is $20 enough for an emergency fund? Find out at Daily Money Shot.

A debate is going on in Washington about setting uniform standards for financial advisers. Invest it Wisely has the scoop.

The Amateur Financer has ideas for finding ways to build side income.

Find out how to turn wasted money into a debt payment at Deliver Away Debt.

Outlaw Finance takes a look at technical analysis vs fundamental analysis.

PT Money takes a look at the best gas rewards credit cards.

Len Penzo shares 9 movie theater extras that we can live without.

A lot of people might be scared off by ride sharing. In Seattle, real time ride sharing is real and Krantcents explains why it is not a bad idea and how it works.

Our parents often hope that they can offer us a better life than they had. Darwin at Darwin’s Money is better off, and he does not take it for granted.

My Personal Finance Journey recaps the top ten money saving tips you can easily incorporate into your life.

Suba at Wealth Informatics thinks you should skip your company’s 401(k) because of all of the fees and expenses.

Read about Credit Karma’s new approval odds system at 20 and Married.

That is all for this time. Be sure to visit all of these wonderful posts, leave good comments, Tweet, Like, Stumble, +1, Tip, Reddit, Digg, Share, and all of those other good social media things. Have a safe and fun 4th of July wherever you are in the world.

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