Yakezie Carnival: The Top 200 Edition

Welcome to the Yakzie Carnival. For those of you who are not familiar, the Yakezie is a group of finance and lifestyle blogs that work together to promote and help each other grow. I am proud to be a member of the group and have been thrilled to see my blog grow so quickly with the support of the team.  To learn more about my involvement in the group, check out my member post.

Last week, my Alexa ranking took me into the top 200 on the Wise Bread finance blog list.  The whole point of joining the Yakezie in the first place was to increase our ranking.  While mine has taken a little longer to drop than many of my fellow bloggers, I am excited at this big milestone.

I enjoyed reading through this week’s posts, and I am proud to present this edition of the Yakezie carnival.


Eric at Narrow Bridge (that’s me!) presents a reader’s unique situation dealing with student loans.  What would you do in the same situation?

Beating Broke found that even a little movement is better than none.  That applies to exercise, debt, savings, and the hilarious picture on the post.

Kevin gives us How to Start Doing Anything at Financially Poor and a post on achieving financial freedom at Invest it Wisely.

Andrew at Money Crashers has some great ideas for saving money through AAA discounts.  I am a member, and I can attest that these are some great ideas, including ones I have not thought of.

Sam, the Financial Samurai, tells us how to make six figures at any age.

Mike at Saving Money Today helps you look for cheaper auto insurance.  I am looking for new insurance in the near future, and this is a good tool to find discounts and save.

Jeff at the Sustainable Life Blog wonders if you saw the holidays sneaking up on you.  If they did, here are some tips to make it through without debt.  (Don’t expect him to feel bad though, they holidays are the same time every year)

The Saved Quarter is looking to help you save and earn an extra $1,000 this month.  The dollars speak for themselves.

Kris from Everyday Tips and Tricks was burned at the pharmacy by an insurance company.  Make sure to know what is covered and how your company will treat you.  (Not actually burned, but burned in the That 70s Show sense of the word.

Neal at Wealth Pilgrim found a way for you to make extra money with a second job on the side.

The Ultimate Money Blog wonders if dental insurance is the worth the cost.

Watson Inc found that the biggest problem with being budget minded is other people.  We all know that psychology is a huge part of budgeting, and this hits an important issue.

Darwin’s Money takes a look at 100 year bonds and ponders if they are worth the investment.


Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff wrote about her trip to the Renaissance Festival.

Forest at Frugal Zeitgeist shares his knowledge of smart phone identity theft risk.

Joe from Personal Finance by the Book offers us tips on sharing financial responsibilities with a spouse.

Are you thinking about having kids?  If so, you might want to know how much it costs to get the baby out.  Consider this post financial birth control.  (I’m not sure that is the point of the article, but I am single guy and it worked on me.)

Dr. Dean ties together problems in the, umm, bedroom to problems with your wallet.  This is really fascinating and fun to read.

The Bucksome Boomer offers us 10 pantry essentials.  (I am 5 for 10, what does that mean Kay?)

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