Is Your Credit Score Age Appropraite?

As of today, my credit score on Credit Karma is 757.  At 25 years old, the average credit score is just over 650.  I am proud to be 100 points over the average for my age group.  I am closer to the 55+ age group for my credit score.

Here is a breakdown of credit scores by age from Credit Karma (click to enlarge):

So, is your credit score age appropriate?  This is one of the few places where I am proud that I appear much older than my age.  Let us know how you fit into the spectrum in the comments.  Don’t know your credit score?  Read my post on finding your score for free.

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  1. Andy says

    It would be good to see some credit scores by INCOME (and even income plus AGE). Low income people probably aren't going to have great credit scores unless they are likely to have debt close to low credit limits and are over 55 because they're very unlikely to own homes and thus unlikely to have a mortgage, which is consideed a great type of debt to have if you pay it on time every time. Low income people over 55 are more likely to have higher credit scores because they are more likelythan the under-55 crowd to be retired homeowners without spending issues.

  2. Trish says

    I’m not sure I believe this creditkarma website….I noticed all the “ads” for what the reports look like say 756, all the examples say 756, and just ran mine and my husbands, and guess what – they both said 756. Kind of  an odd coincidence if you ask me. Plus, I just had a credit score run at the bank because we refinanced our mortgage and we were at 812 and 819 respectively. I realize this “soft” report may not be taking into account everything the bank’s report did, but that’s a pretty big gap. 

    • says

      Credit Karma also uses TransUnion scores. You bank might be using something different. However, that does sound suspect to me too.

      I have a 764 currently reported by Credit Karma.

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