Jeffrey Trull in Nepal -

PPP007 I’m Jeffrey and I Quit my Job to Freelance, Then I Got a New Job

In this episode of the Personal Profitability Podcast, we welcome guest Jeffrey Trull, an online writer who started his career with an engineering education, got a non-profit job, left to freelance full time, and recent went back to a full time employer. Get his entire story, filled with lots of useful information, in this week’s […]

Bridge The Gap Between Jobs

How to Deal with Money Between Jobs

The search for a new job can be stressful, especially if you’ve got bills to pay and a family to look after. In the current financial climate it could take you a while to find work, so it pays to look after your finances as well as you can while you’re between jobs.

Winding Path in the Forest

Focus on Long Term Wealth

Are you determined to get out of debt and grow your wealth? When I made the decision to get out of debt, all I could focus on was the current day, or at most, the next day. I had to deny myself various pleasures each and every day so that I could have that extra […]